Who Needs My Personal Training?

Do you feel tired?

You feel like your battery is empty?

Your sleep isn’t as good as it should be?

You need a lot of coffee or sugar during the day?

Do you feel stressed?

You have a stressful job and sitting all day at your computer?

You feel out of balance and and need more relaxation?

You feel like you're in a survival mode?

Do you have pain?

Your struggle with neck, knee or back pain?

You tried every therapy and doctor and nothing helped?

You wanna find a solution and learn how to fix the pain on your own?

Or you are an athlete, bodybuilder, surfer or a person that have a high physical strain and you want to improve your performance, coordination, balance and flexibility?

Who am I? What is my Method?

I am a Personal Trainer Specialized in Neuro-Mobility

I come originally from Germany and live in Puerto Escondido, Mexico now.

I wrote a bestselling book about mobility training.  My book on Amazon!

I had my own personal training studio in Aachen, Germany.

I am a personal trainer since 14 years!

I started to study neuroscience in sports 5 years ago - Know more about me!

If you are not in Puerto Escondido, my coaching is also fully available as an Online Personal Training - everything is possible!

"No doctor and therapy could help me with my pain till I found Neuro-Athletic-Training!"

What are the benefits of my unique personal training method?

More Energy

You will get more energy and focus

You will learn exercises that will boost your energy level

You will immediately sleep and feel better 

You will improve your mental & physical performance in any field

Less Stress

You will get more relaxation 

You will learn simple techniques to relax your central nervous system 

You will get out of the survival and into performance mode 

You will balance your life, and feel at ease with any challenges

Less  Pain

You will learn how to fix your pain on your own

You will learn that pain is just an output from your brain

You will get an individual plan to fix your pain in the long term

You will be more flexible & smooth 

Next Step: Transform yourself, rise above traditional medical limitations with my innovative workouts and excersises!

" Let's make an appointment to set your goals & put a strategy to solve your health & fitness problems. No matter if you are a desk worker or a professional athlete - this training will elevate your mind & body! "


David - Your Personal Trainer in Puerto Escondido

Some reviews from my personal training clients in Puerto Escondido

This Personal Training in Puerto Escondido is also perfect for performance optimization for top athletes and surfers!

If you are an athlete, bodybuilder or professional surfer, this training method will help you to maximize your performance to the next level. Even world best athletes in tennis, soccer, basketball and many more disciplines use Neuro-Athletic-Training to improve their game. 

"Elevate your game, revolutionize your mind and body."