About me

Personal Trainer in Puerto Escondido for Neuro-Mobility-Training

David Dückers

Since 2009, I am a Personal Trainer in germany. Since then I've helped hundreds of clients and also companies to improve their health and performance.

I struggled over 15 years with knee pain and no therapist or doctor could help me. So I had to find my own solution and started to learn everything about pain.

I believed that mobility training is the solution and I did a lot of mobility training. I also wrote a book about this topic in Germany (see here). The pain was getting better but it was always coming back again. Then I did a workshop with one of the best German coaches in Neuro-Athletic Training Lars Nienhard who is training the best athletes in the world. I realized that the cause of my problem starts in my brain.

Since I understood, I started to study all about the brain and the central nervous system and it helped me to get rid of my pain. I also started to improve my eyes or visual system to the point where I didn't have to wear glasses anymore.

Now I'm combining mobility and brain training to help my clients to get away from pain, get more energy and improve their health and immune system, in a way that no school medicine doctor or therapy can offer!

CHAT ME UP ON WHATSAPP: +52 56 5291 2694